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Our customers talk.

Your home in every place... A phrase that identifies feelings of people who decided to leave their home, their original place of work and life and perhaps their families or part of them, to move to a new country, perhaps unknown, a country that offers them opportunities, but it also represents moving away and sometimes feeling alone; something that LARM knows to such an extent, that makes these all people feel company, welcome, experience adaptation and a support group to make your new workplace your home and feel like one.

Each process that LARM handles, evidences the teamwork in favor of the adaptation of foreigners in Colombia, its level of customer service is such, that feels from the welcome kit to the connection that they achieve between the companies with their workers of foreign origin; they are simply an indispensable company to make workers feel, part of a company, part of their culture and part of a new country for them.

I have felt that the quality of the service provided from the moment of the first contact, is very high, its disposition, its kindness, its interest in making both parties feel good Company - Worker process, is very high and feels at each stage. That makes the difference between hiring a service and having a company that backs and feels like the same work team, in which all the parties manage to be perfectly engaged to achieve an excellent job, an excellent service and above all a positive experience to ensure that the worker of foreign origin feels good about joining a company. I couldn’t put in other words my work with the LARM team a home, a family I work with.

Karem Remolina

Professional Relocation - Coordination of Benefits.

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