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Our new Division of Natural Persons.

The 2020, apart from being one of the most difficult years not only for companies but for humanity in general, brought with it new challenges and also new opportunities to improve many aspects at the organizational, life and personal levels.

Last year we found that, natural persons have particular needs that are not being fully met, starting from the way they manage to contact companies to resolve concerns, purchase products or services, among others. This is why, at LARM, we understand that providing timely responses to immigration or relocation concerns, for example, is part of our commitment that our clients live the best experience in their relocation to our country.

We also understood that, in the technological world in which we live, there are no excuses for not getting the information that is required, when it is required and that is why thinking about these needs, we have created a special division, focused on providing timely responses in a fast and effective way, where our customers will only have one point of contact without having to talk to more than 2 people.

This is how our new Division of Natural Persons was born, focused on meeting our goal of becoming the ally our customers need.

We are ready to assist you and resolve all your concerns, write to us through our social media profiles (Facebook and Instragram: LARM_Colombia - Linked In: LARM Colombia) or to or the whats app: +57 318 3584698 and start living the best experience when you move to Colombia and during your stay in our country!

LARM, your home away from home!

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