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Our SPOC service

LARM Colombia is part of LARM Group a multinational with presence in 25 countries in Latin America , allowing in this way to know each culture, process and way of doing things in relation to global mobility issues.

Given our multi-presentiality we manage an excellent service of SPOC, for its acronym in English (Single Point of Contact) where we are in charge of providing support of coordination of services from a single point of reference, this facilitates the process not only for the transferred professional but also for the company that is covering the transfer.

However, making the process of relocation to another city or country for a transferred professional and his or her family a great experience is a challenge, especially if the country of origin or destination is different from that of the human management team from where the process is coordinated. For this reason, having a SPOC facilitates the analysis, execution and closing of the service. Additionally, it allows you:

  • Coverage Availability LATAM Region.

  • Have a single point of billing, regardless of the country where the service is executed. However, if you prefer, the option of billing locally is also offered, that is, that each LARM office where the service is executed, issues an invoice.

  • Service Evaluation (Satisfaction Surveys)

  • Weekly Mobility Reports Focal Point Contact Assignment Monthly Analysis.

  • ·Coordination of Services and Suppliers: International Removals and Temporary Furniture Rental

We are to support you and facilitate your global mobility processes, we have a highly qualified team and at your disposal to be that ally you need to move your human talent internationally.

Request your SPOC service now!

LARM, your home away from home!

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