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Personal Finance APP.

Let us remember that it is personal finance: Finance influences everything and our daily life is no exception, hence the concept of personal finance arises.

Personal finance refers to the management and administration of money and property of an individual or family. That is, the management of all your money: your income, your expenses, material goods, savings funds, investment funds, insurance, credits, etc.

Spending control is the first step to starting to save, which can be achieved by using digital tools that track your personal economy.

Keeping track of expenses and income is becoming easier thanks to the wide availability of tools and free applications with which you can start this project.

Below are three featured apps in the iOS and Android stores that you can download and test to find out which one best suits your needs.

You may in some cases be charged for accessing certain features:

The first is Mobills Personal Finance:

Which, according to the evaluation of 191,000 Play Store users, has a rating of 4.4 stars and 4.7 stars, by 1,400 iOS users. This platform allows you to record your income and expenses easily and even by location, attach files and photos, as well as create budgets, both personal and family.

In addition, it sends email alerts for accounts payable, can sync with the cloud, has an integrated credit card control, and provides a monthly income and expense statement by category.

The second is 1Money:

In this tool, in addition to recording all expenses and income on a regular basis, and making budgets in a simple way -as in most applications- users can manage their accounts with multiple currencies, simultaneously and the amounts are kept up to date automatically. In addition, it can be used on different devices, as the information is stored in the cloud, giving you more flexibility.

The third is Fintonic:

This tool, in addition to registering income and expenses, making budgets and sending notifications, integrates in one place the management of loans, mortgages, cards, insurance and investment products. Likewise, it offers the functionality to review what is the valuation that the banks have on the user.

LARM, your home away from home!

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