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Peru, Country of Experiences!

Year after year thousands of tourists visit the beautiful country of Peru, on whose borders it meets Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil, sharing with some of them the imposing pacific ocean and the beautiful Amazon rainforest. What makes this country one of the most touristy places on the continent?

The country was conquered in 1532 by the Spanish and, however, the traces of the Inca culture did not disappear from the place. So much so that the ruins of Machupichu are one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the country. Another tourist attraction, which contains its roots, are the Nazca lines, which are located in a desert area in the south of the country. And what to say about the beautiful mountain of the 7 Colors! Although it is a challenge to get to the top, the view is definitely quite an experience!

In addition to unparalleled tourist attractions, Peru is world renowned for its cuisine. We get water in our mouths when we think of a Chicken Chili or some Potatoes à la Huancaína or one of its famous ceviches, since the strong point in gastronomy is the seafood.

Without a doubt, Peru is one of the jewels of the South of the American continent, offering its visitors countless experiences, both gastronomic, cultural and tourist, which is why every year thousands and thousands of tourists visit this beautiful country.

If you plan to visit the country, whether by tourism or by job assignment, we are sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest and together with the hand of LARM you will live a whole relocation experience.

LARM, your home away from home!

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