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Pets, unconditional company: Curiosities and Tips.

Today we want to share with you very useful tips for the care of your pets, we will talk about dogs, cats, fish and even hamsters to help you to have healthy and balanced pets.

Let’s start with the dogs, if we check the origin of the dogs, we know that they are descendants of the wolves, and still remains in them some of their characteristics; to eat, the wolves have to work and hunt in a herd, in the same way a dog must work for its food, That’s why the experts recommend exercise before eating, in this way the dog will not be anxious at lunch time and will be satisfied with one of it main needs, in addition to strengthening the bond between the dog and its owner.

However, it should be noted that the time of physical exercise is not the same for each breed, as there are dogs with different types of energy, some have high, medium or low energy and you should consider their size, since a small dog will tire out faster than a larger dog, so when we have already identified the type of energy, our dog will know how much time we should exercise daily, So we must consider what is our lifestyle for the dog to go according to it, if we like to exercise we can have a high energy dog, but if we are already a certain age and we are difficult to exercise we must have a low energy dog.

Another important point is that they must have routines, leave at the same time and exercise the same amount of time and also that they have a schedule for food, this will allow them to be more balanced and happy dogs.

For the psychological aspect, as it happens in wolf packs, they have a hierarchy and in the same way it must happen in our home, the human must be the leader of the pack and not the dog, so when wolves hunt, first the leader eats and then the other members, in order to develop this activity in the home, we can order our dog to sit and wait while we serve the food, with that he knows that the human is the leader and owner of the food, and not the dog, allowing him not to be aggressive when it’s time to eat.

A good exercise to make clear the hierarchy in the home and remove the aggressiveness of dogs is to teach them that toys, food and water are human and not dog, therefore, they can remove it when they want and give when they want. This exercise is excellent to avoid accidents, especially with children, because if a child is playing close to the dog and the dog is possessive, there is the possibility that he bites the child, whereas if you teach the dog since childhood that things are not his, it will not be aggressive when they are taken away.

This is a key point not to humanize the dog, as a dog will be humiliated if it is hit, but it will not be if it takes away its food for a moment so that it knows who the leader is, that’ll be healthy for him because he’ll keep his place inside the herd and there’ll be better living together. That is why you should not overprotect a dog when you are on the street and another dog passes by, if the dog is aggressive when it is with other dogs it is because he is in charge in the house and not the human, the dog should learn that it should not be possessive or aggressive with other dogs.

The key to having an ideal balance is to provide exercise, discipline and affection, in that same order, first exercise for the dog to get all its energy, second discipline so that he knows that in the home there are certain rules that must be followed and he has a place within the herd, and third affection, because this can be given when the dog is quiet, If it occurs when you are anxious or breaking any rule only a negative behavior will be reinforced, which will not be good for coexistence.

On the other hand, we have cats, unlike dogs, cats are more independent and do not require as much time of physical exercise, but if they require time of mental exercise, for them it is vital to be able to play with their owners both to strengthen the bond, as to develop their hunting instinct and concentration, mental games stimulate them and make them feel happier.

So to avoid damage to our furniture and ourselves it is important to consider two things, the first to devote time to daily physical and mental play, divided into several sections during the day, It can be 15 or 20 minutes, and the second thing is to show them that their claws and teeth when it comes to playing are going towards the object, not towards the person, so we should not give them our hands to play with because they can hurt us, but the toy.

Cats are very smart, but they are not as obedient as dogs, so they understand the orders, but they do not always follow them, the important thing to teach some rule to the cat is positive reinforcement, that is, give awards when they behave well, For them it is easier to assimilate positive reinforcement than punishment.

If we have children in the home fish and hamsters are very good pet choices, as they teach responsibility and it is not so necessary the supervision of an adult to prevent the animal from hurting the child, as can happen with a dog or a cat that are not trained.

The fish recommended for children are the ballerinas and goldfish, since these are more resistant than other types of fish that require more care, it should also be borne in mind that not all fish get along well, So you should know how to mix them in the tank, because there are some aggressive fish that can hurt the others, for example the platys are pretty fast so if they mix with a dancer that are bigger and slower they can get hurt.

A good tip for fish care is to clean the tank every month or every 20 days, do it only with water and not with soap and if you’re going to fill the tank with tap water, you have to let it sit for about 24 or 32 hours for the chlorine to come down into the water, and you might have a feeling similar to what you had before the change, because if you move quickly to the water without resting the fish can stress and contract skin diseases.

Finally, our most recommended pet for children is the hamster, as they are fun and tender, for them it is very important the touch, so to lift or caress them several times during the day is going to be something healthy, In fact, if they don’t get too much tact, they can become aggressive. A hamster teaches responsibility and its care is not very difficult or expensive, and does not require constant adult supervision because it is unlikely to harm the child.

We hope to have helped you with the care of your pets and oriented on the best type of company for your lifestyle. Remember:

LARM, your home away from home!

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