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Projections for the Global Mobility Industry in 2022.

It is no secret to anyone that the arrival of the pandemic completely changed the dynamics for the global mobility industry. To be able to develop your activities remotely, even if you are on the other side of the world, ultimately the way in which international transfers were perceived.

However, faced with the subject of cultural discovery and experience in the target country, there is no virtuality to compare it. Even the professionals who will be transferred say yes to living a whole change in a new country, knowing new cultures, new places, new languages, new ways of doing things and want their family to live the same experience.

However, taking into account the above it is important to mention that, by 2022 there are certain projections, for example, the areas of HR are focusing on providing associated health benefits such as family insurance and life insurance, especially for those families that will be transferred. Likewise, these areas are linking bilingual people to their work teams to facilitate the process of adaptation of professionals transferred in their native language.

Moreover, by 2022 although this behavior is already being seen since 2021, transferred professionals are adopting temporary or business travel and leaving their families in the home country, So, in situations like these, organizations are working to create profit pools with limited quotas that professionals can use to choose the benefits that best suit their needs.

Finally, hard work has been done not only by companies that move human talent, but by the business sector in general, in the face of diversity and inclusion, for example: There can be no rigid dress policy if a company claims to be inclusive. That is why, the communication between the different offices that an organization can have in the world must be clear and fluid because, the transferred professional will face many changes and from the company it is important to assure them that the work environment in which they will develop is conducive to the execution of their tasks but also for their personal growth.

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