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Property Handover Recommendations in Colombia.

You have enjoyed Colombia for an important period of time and now is time to pack your luggage and go to live new experiences in another place. We know thinking about leaving your actual home is not easy, that is the reason why LARM is here to help you in all the details and make of your property handover to landlord an organized and calm process without omitting any detail.

The most important thing is to have clear the date when you travel and when your households are going to go out from the property since the planning of the complete process depend on these dates, this way we can know when do you need to end your lease and handover the property. Having the data LARM will manage the details.

Do not forget to have all the initial handover documents you received in the moment you arrived to your new home in Colombia, the most important are lease document and inventory. With the lease we study deeply the agreements done for the termination of it and this way we can inform about it to all parties on time and according to the law. The properties in Colombia have to be handover to landlord in the same conditions he handover to the tenant, so inventories helps us to verify if you have to fix something, if it is not the case, the minimum you have to do to the property is a general maintenance to be able to handover it to your landlord. No need to worry for looking for someone to make repairs and maintenance, LARM will arrange everything.

We also recommend you to have the last 3 paid bills of your public services, since in Colombia this bills are charged one or two months after the consumption, this means after you leave, landlord will receive bills with the consumption from the last month you were living on his property. No need to worry! We know that once you go, you will be very busy having new experiences on your new home, so in LARM we take care of those pending bills calculation so you can pay them in advance and you can travel without any worries to your new destination.

For not leaving any topic unsolved, we also help you with subscription cancelations as internet, tv, newspaper and social clubs. Finally, if you need to travel before the property handover date,. LARM can handover it on your behalf with a previous authorization.

Departing from the country can be complicated, but with the advice of LARM experts you will get the best memories and a big desire to come back to Colombia.

LARM, your home away from home!

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