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Real Estate reopening in Colombia

In the midst of the current uncertainty, LARM works with dedication and commitment to make this new stage and transition as harmonious as possible for the whole family.

One of the concerns of foreigners arriving in a new country is where and how they will establish their new home and much more in the midst of a health emergency the world is facing today.

Today we want to let you know that the real estate sector reopens its activities in Colombia. Under strict bio-security protocols, rents, sales and other real estate services are reactivated, which will allow many families to resume their plans to move and organize their new life.

The real estate sector has been reinvented like many other sectors in which the use of various platforms and new technologies encourage virtual sales.

For your tranquility, it is important for you to know that visits to the properties should be carried out under the guidelines established by the government that seek to guarantee the safety of all those involved and the sustainability of the reopening of this sector. Among these guidelines are: the disinfection of properties, the conditions for physical visits, as well as the conditions for the delivery of properties, all these measures are contemplated in resolution 890 of June 3, 2020

LARM is aware of all regulations to ensure that the home search process is carried out in the best and safest way. Keep in mind any sudden change will be informed through our official site and social media or if you further assistance, please contact us here.

¡We are here to support you!

LARM, your home everywhere.

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