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Regional Relocation Processes

Due to globalization, there are more opportunities of exchanging talent from different cultures, making available their knowledge to develop services, even when faraway from their homeland.

SPOC is the abbreviation given to managing a service from a single point of contact. Why Is it a practical service nowadays? To make from a relocation process a smooth experience for transferees and their families can be challenging, especially when the process is being coordinated from a different country than origin or destination.

At LARM Colombia we have trained, passionate team who love to create the best experiences for all, heping you from a single point of contact to coordinate analysis, execution and closure of the service. The objectivo of this program is to advise your company in all international mobility processes, ensuring that everything is carried out under the guidelines of your policy and the law.

The benefits out of having this data base organized and administrated by specialists are:

· Coverage LATAM region.

· A single billing contact, regardless of the country where the service is provided. Or you can also have the option of local billing.

· Service evaluation: Satisfaction surveys.

· Weekly mobility reports.

· Focal contact point assignment

· Monthly Analysis.

· Coordination of Services and Suppliers: International Movements and temporary furniture rentals.

We invite you to try it and check it out!

Remember that we are family of families! Do not hesitate to contact us through our communication channels for more information or click here.


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