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Requirements to hire a foreigner in Colombia

Through recent years driven by globalization, companies have found it necessary to exchange international human talent. This has contributed to the strengthening of strategic plans and projects carried out by companies.

Among the many advantages this type of exchange allows companies to become more competitive in the market in which they compete; they share new work practices, bring extensive experience, integrate new knowledge according to the vision of the business, They positively influence the work team, allowing them to incorporate new technologies and work styles, among others.

The exchange of foreign talent also activates the economy of the country because foreigners are willing to contribute economically in the place where they live and in turn generate employment, which is significant for any economy. In addition, they enrich themselves culturally by knowing other work practices, changing their perspective from their new place of residence. In the specific case of Colombia, the foreigner is surprised by its gastronomy, their landscapes and the warmth of their people and all these qualities will surely be shared when they move to another country and will allow a very important exchange of information in front of the image of the country.

However, it is very important to consider the following requirements to hire a foreigner in Colombia:

Mainly obtaining his/her visa and beneficiaries.

Validation of diplomas and work permits if he/she profession warrants it.

Processing of documents, transfer times, such as apostilles, legalizations, and translations if they are in a language different than the place of residence.

Report to the SIRE system of Migration and Colombia and RUTEC of the Ministry of Labor.

Please take into account the changes and adjustments made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration Colombia, consulates and diplomatic relations between countries in order to fully comply with the requirements to avoid economic sanctions and delays in the procedures.

Remember that LARM Colombia is the global mobility expert and together with its specialists you can find guidance that will surely be of great support when thinking on hiring new international human talent. For more information go to our communication channels here.

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