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Response times for visas.

When applying for a visa for any destination it is essential to know what are the times to take into account from the moment the visa is requested until the day of the trip or the day that will start the activity for which the visa is requested, this will depend to a large extent on the success of the immigration process.

For Colombian visas, the whole time of a visa procedure (without the issuance of the immigration ID Card) may take up to 30 calendar days that are distributed as follows: After uploading the documents to the system and making the payment for a visa study, there will be a response in the following 5 business days (business days; from Monday to Friday without holidays) and after this time the office that studies the visa (Consulate of Colombia or Bogotá Visas office) will indicate whether or not the visa is approved or if more information is required to continue the study.

In case of approval you have up to 30 calendar days to make the payment of the visa, (in case of not paying in this time a new visa study must be carried out), if the visa is not approved or "inadmissible" the reasons for the inadmissibility will be indicated and immediately a new visa application can be made, if the visa is required for additional information will be held up to 30 calendar days (from the payment of the visa study) to respond, however keep in mind that after your response the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has until the following 5 business days to express its concept, so it is recommended to respond as soon as possible or at least 5 business days before completing the 30 calendar days (from the day of payment of the visa study).

Although these times are usually respected from our experience for emergency cases where a visa issued in 5 business days or before is required, it is suggested to apply directly at the Colombian Consulate closest to the visa applicant's location because the Bogotá Visa office has a greater volume of applications and the response times are usually longer than in the Consulates of Colombia.

When the Colombian visa is valid for more than 90 days, you must stamp the visa in the passport at the Colombian Consulate or at the visa office in Bogotá (service temporarily suspended due to the health emergency) and request an immigration card before Migración Colombia, the times for this procedure are: If the visa is requested outside of Colombia you will have up to 15 calendar days from the entry into Colombia, or if the visa is requested in the office in Bogotá you will have up to 15 calendar days from the publication of the visa, not complying with these times may be subject to sanction by the immigration authorities.

Remember all the procedures before Migration Colombia are by appointment, if you have doubts about the times to make your visa application, or you do not know whether or not to process immigration card or if you require help to schedule your appointments in LARM Colombia we are attentive for any question to help in your immigration process, you can locate us in all social networks such as LARM Colombia and with the greatest pleasure we will attend your concerns, and always remember that...

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