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Role of government entities.

Colombia currently has more than nine government agencies, therefore they are state institutions whose administration is in charge of the current government. Its purpose is to provide a public service that is necessary for the citizenry. Different entities are part of the government agencies, however, in terms of migration regulations and compliance with requirements to stay in the country you must take into account the following entities:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, traditionally known as Cansillería, is the entity responsible for directing and coordinating Colombia’s foreign policy and diplomatic relations; its holder is appointed and can be freely removed by the President of the Republic and is part of the cabinet of ministers, with the second place in the order of precedence, behind the Ministry of the Interior. The ministry operates at the San Carlos Palace in Bogota.

The Ministry headed by the Foreign Minister and headed by the President is responsible for formulating, planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating Colombia’s foreign policy, international relations and administering the Republic’s foreign service. Among the functions of the Ministry are to formulate and propose to the President Colombia’s policies on foreign relations; administer the Foreign Service of Colombia and take the necessary measures to ensure that it functions in accordance with the guidelines and priorities of foreign policy, issue passports and authorize their issuance, when deemed necessary, through agreements with other public entities.

Migration Colombia

Migration Colombia is the national migration authority responsible for monitoring and controlling the migration of nationals and foreigners in the national territory. Monitor and control the migratory flows of nationals and foreigners in Colombia. ... Formulate and implement migration policy.

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