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Secret friend: A very Colombian way to celebrate love and friendship.

For Colombians this date is celebrated in the month of September and we call it the day of love and friendship, unlike other countries that celebrate it in the month of February and is called San Valentin. In Colombia it is a custom in which friends and lovers express their love and affection through gifts.

Because we decided to celebrate in September and not in February?

In Colombia the month of February is a time of the beginning of the school season and the merchants expressed their dissatisfaction because many used their money to the expenses involved in school as a priority and the celebration of love and friendship took a back seat because they represent an overcost in finance, affecting trade in this way, they therefore considered that September would be a perfect month because there was no emblematic celebration that would motivate an economy as characteristic as Valentine’s Day and a great opportunity for the trade of details and plans in pairs.

The date on which it is celebrated is the third Saturday of September and is not only celebrated as a couple, but also to celebrate friendship. One of the most emblematic traditions among Colombians is to play the "secret friend". This activity can be played in several ways, the most traditional consists of writing down the names of all the players in pieces of paper that will be put in a bag from which, without seeing, they will choose a person to whom they have to give a surprise gift on the day of the celebration.

Regardless of how the secret friend is played, it is also a tradition to sweeten the secret friend during the week before the celebration, some sending chocolates, others with fruits, others with drinks, among others; The important thing is that the sweetened ones go according to the taste of the friend to whom I bring and for this they must give clues like: who likes to eat, who does not like to eat and what details would like to receive.

In some cities it offers various events to spend a pleasant day with the couple or friends, such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions artists, plays among others.

Other activities held in Colombia to celebrate this date are:

  • Invitation to a romantic dinner

  • Send flowers

  • Go dancing

  • Buy a teddy bear with a good dedication.

"Celebrate with family and friends this special date"

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1 Comment

José Ornelas
José Ornelas
Dec 04, 2023

Is not just a colombian tradition instead a latinoamerican tradition. Actually i think it's from Venezuela. In USA we play it as well.

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