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Selection process to hire a housemaid in Colombia.

Most of our foreign families require extra help in terms of domestic service, however this task may become somewhat stressful as it is an unknown process, so here at LARM Colombia we will inform you in regards to steps required to select an employee and the criteria that must be taking into account for hiring.

First of all, it is important to hire the domestic helper that come recommended or who can verify their experience through a resume/CV.

Below we shared the steps that must be taking into account to make the selection process simple:

  • Initial analysis of the requirements

  • Candidate profile

  • Candidate recruitment

  • Pre-selection

  • Psych-technical tests

  • Preliminary interview with LARM Colombia

  • Reference verification

  • Candidate comparative report

  • Interview coordination and accompaniment between the candidate and professional transferee (virtual)

  • Candidate final selection

  • Security interview (optional)

Likewise, it is important to take into account the following criteria for the candidate’s selection process:

  • Candidate profile description

  • Strengths and weakness

  • Expectations regarding the position

  • Work, family, education and skills concept

Finally, we will use the weighted scoring method in which we apply a rating to both the criterion and the candidate, so this allows us to make more assertive selection taking into account the families requirements.

We hope this information is useful, so for more intimation you can contact us here.

LARM, your home away from home!

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