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As we told you, at LARM we have a Committee of New Projects and Innovation that has facilitated the structuring of new services and also of new projects focused on our internal client, improving the levels of working climate in our organization.

Within the projects developed by the Committee, the campaign of SHARK TANK - LARM Colombia had great reception within the LARM family where we challenge our collaborators to bring to the maximum their creativity and open spaces where they could present all their great ideas focused on new services and also for their partners.

From this project were born great ideas, we tell you some:

  • Championship Parchis.

  • New Digital Tools.

  • External trainings.

  • Social responsibility issues.

  • Projects in tourism.

Many of these projects have already been implemented and others are still in the process of being developed with the joint work of the Committee and those who were encouraged to participate in this major project who, is a great alternative to encourage the culture of organizational innovation and generate an important rapprochement with our work team.

For LARM it has been gratifying to see the participation of collaborators and the results obtained with these proposals, we hope to replicate this activity in the second half of 2021 and achieve great things in the family.

LARM, your home away from home!

Key words:

Projects, Innovation, Internal Clients, New Services , Support, Accompaniment, Relocation, LARM.

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