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Tenancy management.

Once you have arrive to your new destination, you will need to be responsible of some obligations derivative of the privilege of enjoying a property, a new study place for your kids and any kind of team or service memberships that you choose to participate on the country that is now your new home. This processes change depending on the Country where you arrive, since LARM knows it is not easy to understand specific policies of each city and entity, we have the option of supporting you making those periodic payments and avoiding you any kind of worry.

A soon as you live at your new home, you will need to pay rent, administration fee and public services periodically. If you come with you children and find the best school for them to continue their study process while you work, you will need to pay their education according to the chosen school policies. Also, if you and your family decide to make a subscription to a social or sports club or a service as receiving the newspaper, those expenses are going to be charge by each organization on a bill with your name.

Since you will be busy keeping your job and family happy and adapting to all new challenges, with Tenancy Management service, LARM will receive all those bills on your name, make the payments on the date that must be done according to the policies of the specific entity and will keep you informed on an easy way for you to be calm about the status of your responsibilities. ¡LARM is your home everywhere and always wants to help you and make easier yours and your family´s new life!

LARM, your home away from home!

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