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Thanks to our listeners

The creative group behind "Mañanas LARM" our podcast created to strengthen the link with foreigners in Colombia, where they share from leisure and culture issues, to migratory and relocation information, share to all our readers the following Christmas message in gratitude to those who heard us this year :

Remember that during these celebrations taking care of us is the most beautiful gift we can give to our loved ones!

The LARM family is always at your disposal, you can find us on social media like Larm_colombia on Instagram and Facebook, or on Linkedin like LARM Colombia. Also, on our website, you will find not only more information about our services, but also benefits and discounts from our allies that for this holiday season can be very useful!

If you want to contact us via e-mail you can do it through the email: and we will gladly give you the best advice according to your needs!

It was a pleasure to have been able to share with you during this year, and we hope to have the opportunity to tell you many more things in 2021! ,

Merry Christmasy and Happy New Year !!! And keep in mind that LARM will always be...

Your Home away from home!

Along with this message, we invite you to listen to our last chapter of the year by clicking here or in the final section of the weekly newsletter you also find the shortcuts, where the entire podcast team will talk about their favorite activities in December and share great Christmas and New Year’s plans.

Happy holidays!

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