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The 8C´s of the communication

When we talk about providing relocation services we associate it with features such as empathy, active listening and willingness to help and solve situations. Well, when we talk about providing Relocation services we talk about accompanying, advice and moving people, human beings with families, with concerns about the change in life that they are about to have, with uncertainty about the future. Will my children adapt to the new school? Will they like the new ballet teacher? Will they make new friends in the new condo? These are some of the questions that invade the transferred professionals we help at LARM.

And as we at LARM are aware of our main goal: making the process of relocating families simple, easy and worry-free, we have devised the perfect blend between the values of our team, plus the use of the 8 C’s of communications.

Always be courteous to the family you are caring for, as they are going through a vulnerable time in their lives. Be concise with communication, as the relocation process is one of the many pending issues associated with an international transfer; optimizing time is one of the things most appreciated by Transferred Professionals. Having complete and correct communication will ensure that the time my interlocutor is using in receiving the information, is used in the best way. However, being consistent with what is said, answering what is asked and providing adequate information becomes almost a mandate. Finally, being concrete and clear with what we transmit, will avoid misunderstandings, and ensure an excellent customer experience.

With the above and added to the values that represent us, the LARM family guarantees that their international transfers are done, with the heart.

LARM, your home away from home!

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