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¡The art of making our customers happy!

Over the years, "Customer Service" has transformed to the point where today, serving our customers has transcended the operational barrier and has put on the table the challenge of constantly generating differentiating experiences that connect with the needs and emotions of our customers.

And this is a challenge that companies today, moving from the understanding of the importance of generating added value to differentiate themselves in the industry, have transferred from paper to action. And it is precisely in this exercise that cross-training of employees in Customer Experience has become more important, involving not only the service and marketing areas, but each and every employee, understanding that the authenticity of a strategy of User experience, today, is built from the contribution and empowerment of each of the collaborators, regardless of the area or role that each one performs.

And LARM is not far behind. True to our constant commitment to our clients, and aware of the importance of providing sufficient tools to all collaborators, we have successfully completed our virtual training in Customer Experience for the entire company.

Over two and a half months we navigated different concepts, from the difference between "Customer Service" and "Customer Experience (Cx)", the importance of cultivating service leadership, we understood the competitive advantage and added value from Porter's perspective, Ken Blanchard's ICARE model and the importance of metrics such as the NPS and CSAT.

And to reinforce the basic pillars in this generation of a strategy focused on our users, we also trained our team in fundamental Cx tools such as the construction of the Buyer Persona and the Customer Journey MAP, among others.

Today, we know that we have a team that creates and lives from each of their different roles the best way to generate unforgettable experiences for our clients, which has established itself as a great family that works to constantly provide unique experiences, always thinking of the well-being of our clients.

Today, we can proudly say that the entire family of LARM Colombia and Ecuador has graduated with honors in the art of making our clients happy.

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