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The Impact of Remote Work on International Transfers.

Remote work is one of the most important opportunities of our times, it brings with it autonomy, purpose and opportunity. This type of work, unlike telecommuting, working at home or also known as home office, allows you to work from anywhere in the world. You can work with teams around the world, companies no longer feel the need to be tied to one office or one city.

The industrial revolution today is an obsolete concept of work, you can now work without having to think about borders. You can take advantage of technology to make remote work an integral part of your life, you no longer must wait to leave work to go enjoy life. It's time to teleport, you can work from a coworking space, from another city, another country, etc.

In various aspects there are innumerable benefits of teleworking, in terms of the environment, it reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere, it reduces the number of people in traffic, so it reduces pollution. As for heads of households, it allows them to continue attending to family responsibilities, sharing quality time with loved ones. However, for some the change has been negative, for example, in rural areas where they do not have good connectivity, for people who cannot find an ideal, quiet and comfortable space to work.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest tragedies in history, but we cannot deny that it has brought us a wave of opportunities. We should not place remote work within the framework of the pandemic, since it already existed, it would be more appropriate to say that it was strengthen due to the circumstances, although it had to be done in a forced way, the digital transformation was accelerated. Although remote work has not been as good as it was before the pandemic, many have believed that it is about working locked in four walls, so there is a bad feeling of what it is, because as I mentioned at the beginning, it is not working in House.

International transfers have been totally impacted by a model of self-management, of self-discipline, where work is now measured by results, people who were used to receiving instructions and bosses used to exercising control, had to change overnight. A type of empathic leadership is required that allows creating a greater and stronger bond with the collaborators, for this, it is important to understand that each transferred professional has an individual context, not all live in the same way, for some remote work it can be negative, it could result in poor performance and low levels of productivity. So, this type of work is not for all people or for all positions, it is intended much more for knowledge workers and creative industries.

For many national and local companies, these concepts are new, but if they do not adapt, they will surely be left without talented people to hire, because many foreign companies that have been implementing this type of work for several years are becoming more attractive employers in the market. It is important to adapt to the "new normality", although this also requires greater interdependence, having clear and well-publicized policies, as far as the legal framework is concerned, several changes have been seen in terms of social security quotas and definitions, but there are many companies that have not been clear about this and that is partly why they have resisted this opportunity when they have conditions that allow them to offer these benefits to their workers.

A house, in addition to being a home, has become an office, a school, a hospital, that is why the need for all of us to be empathic to organize ourselves, in such a way that between men and women we distribute the tasks equally, the responsibilities of the home are of all heads, understanding this would help to take advantage of the benefits of teleworking in an equitable way, and why not?, of remote work as well.

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