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The importance of business venture in LARM.

Actualizado: 23 oct 2020

"We are family of families and that is why we are not alone"

In these moments of global adversity due to the COVID 19 pandemic humans have had to ride on a roller coaster of emotions (joys, sadness, hopelessness, frustrations, among others) have forced us out of our comfort zone. One of the tasks that entrepreneurs have in the contemporary world is, without a doubt, to encourage, support and assist any act of entrepreneurship, as long as that is viable for the growth of the economy. And we consider it this way because, to create company is a complex art that must be valued to those who have the audacity to do it, because it is not easy to assume the decision to renounce the stability of a job under employment link, to drive your own and different business or alternate it with your work.

Starting an enterprise is a challenge, because it puts to the test many aptitudes of the human condition: Leadership, honesty, organization, perseverance, coherence, knowledge and most importantly take the risk. Risk winning or losing, success or failure.

It is important to bear in mind that when we undertake a project we must assume a resilient role. Resilience invites you to find the good to the bad, grace to misfortune, it is a realistic hope, to recognize that there is uncertainty. The resilient is flexible, adapts, embraces the unforeseen, looks at the bright side of things, doesn’t try to change situations or people but the perspective with which he looks at them.

In adversity we awaken qualities that in comfort would have remained asleep, after the storm comes calm, being resilient is synonymous with being creative, to open new paths you have to invent, experiment, grow, take risks, will break the rules, make a mistake, have fun, don’t be quiet, don’t limit your challenges better challenge your limits.

Therefore, for LARM COLOMBIA S.A.S it is very important to support our entrepreneurs, because we consider it a way to support their economy, improve their quality of life and this in turn is reflected in the well-being and mental health of our collaborators and indirectly in the good organizational environment. In addition, we consider that supporting the business ventures not only of our collaborators but also those of their family and /or friends are contributing a grain of sand to a social responsibility, because the one who undertakes generates employment and the one who generates employment contributes positively to the society and the economy of our country, obtaining a win-win relationship, our collaborators and/or their families wins and Colombia wins too!

LARM is your home away from home!

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