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The importance of cultural adaptation.

Our world has been changing by leaps and bounds in recent decades, as well as the businesses that are looking for ways to be more global, to cover a large part of the world and to take their products and services to different destinations.

Openness to new cultures creates diverse working groups that in turn generate great growth within organizations, because belonging to different cultures these working groups become more globalized integrating different perspectives that lead to increase the creativity and productivity of a company in the development of global markets.

The source of creativity does not come exclusively in each of the cultures, but arises from the interaction between various cultures and through dialogue and interaction within the work framework.

Culture should be considered as an essential aspect in business since understanding the culture of each of the parties can enhance the results.

Getting to know new cultures and ways of working in other countries contributes to your professional development.

Of course, if for several decades now companies have moved more staff to different countries to generate these diverse working groups, today after being faced with one of the most difficult situations worldwide, We understand that globalization is a reality that we are closer to what we believe and that the joint work of countries is more than necessary.

As we interact with other cultures we develop very important skills and competencies in the business world such as empathy, quality of communication, adaptability among others; all these necessary to achieve effective negotiations and high-level working groups.

The challenges are currently lower at the technical level and more of a cultural nature, so the development of these skills and competencies increasingly qualifies us in the current global job demand.

Working with other cultures does not lead to developing among other things:

  • They communicate more directly, sincerely and responsibly.

  • Work in a more collaborative way, with a new spirit of alignment

  • Develop the concept of win-win.

  • Develop the courage and ability to take appropriate risks.

  • Demonstrate responsibility for work and ownership of goals.

As having human talent with this type of experience improves organizational results.

Studies at the organizational level have shown that these working groups help organizations to strengthen their organizational culture; improve the reputation of the company; contribute in attracting and retaining talent; increase motivation, the commitment of the workers.

A commitment is generated to find together new ways of doing things, new decisions and new solutions to new problems.

Diversity within an organization contributes to creating competitive advantages as well if the organization manages its cultural diversity efficiently it creates a high performance culture that is vital when developing international business.

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