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The importance of interculturality in companies

The world has changed by leaps and bounds in the last decades and likewise the businesses that day by day look for ways to be more global, to cover much of the world and take their products and services to different destinations.

This is how companies come to have multicultural and highly diverse work teams at all levels, which generates great benefits, but also great challenges. One of the biggest is our adaptation and that of our families, since changing countries involves a series of diverse emotions ranging from fear or sadness to happiness, curiosity and personal and professional fulfillment.

For this adaptation it is very important to understand that people have a visible culture that is given by our language, custom, traditions and an invisible culture that is given by our perceptions, beliefs and values. Learning to interpret these cultures is what will guarantee success and satisfaction when having a transfer and will greatly facilitate your adaptation and that of your family.

To face this great stage we suggest that you learn as much as you can about this new culture, recognize that it is as valuable as yours, take the time to reflect on this new situation, in which you can agree and in which you could differ. As you learn about these similarities or differences, your ability to relate to different cultures will improve.

However, keep in mind that crossing a cultural border requires great emotional learning rather than intellectual learning, but above all, it is a great adventure that will require you to develop new skills.

At LARM after years of accompanying families we have learned to know and understand this diversity of cultures, so we invite you to contact us here, so we ca tell you how to support you in this adaptation process.

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