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The importance of the quality system in the organizations.

We are currently living in a constant state of change, every assertion becomes relative, Organizations to respond to markets must concentrate on providing services and/or supplying products with quality that will become competitive advantages. But when an organization claims that the products it supplies or services it provides to its customers are of high quality, what do they really mean? And better yet, how can this organization prove that it does?

Several years ago the organizations promulgated that their products and/or services were of high quality, but they did not have to check it, it is there where the world federation ISO (International Organization for Standardization) established a set of standards to be able to check through its application and compliance with requirements described in these (which is a guide) that the organizations that complied could be certified that their product or services they provide are of Quality and thus be able to convert the statements into a verifiable Certificate.

But how could this federation make such a claim through a certificate? Everything is based on the collection of data that are collected through the member bodies of ISO, who prepare through the technical committees, the international standards with the requirements, based on the sampling and study of different companies and thus determine that compliance with these requirements, which are the summary of what was found in the sampling, would lead to quality certification. All under the strict standards of measurement and meeting of expert panels to determine them, adjusting to changes through updates of the rules. The characteristics are based on scientific methods, precise measurement, data collection, representative and extensive samples from different locations and companies around the world.

Based on the above, organizations would be recommended to use these methodologies in the first place because it is reliable to rely on a scientific methodology to follow them, applying administrative technologies such as the process approach, continuous improvement, PHVA cycle monitoring that can guarantee companies to organize, meet their goals and focus on their customers needs and expectations.

Valued entrepreneurs, the measurements that thousands of certified organizations, have demonstrated that by certifying themselves in a Quality Management System, the effectiveness of the implementation of its Management System is achieved, among others, the growth in the market and the increase and control of the results including the economic ones, to contribute to having a control of the processes and their management, the orientation in the fulfilling of the purpose of the company, guidelines for leadership management that leads the human talent of the organization towards the achievement of objectives and strategy with a style that underpins the improvement of the organization, turns out to be a methodology that makes its implementation and application reliable.

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