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There’s a sentence in Colombia that goes like this: "I didn’t choose to be born in Colombia, I just got lucky". For many this phrase is full of truth, Colombia is a beautiful country in which we have had the fortune to be born and grow.

Even with the difficult history of our country, Colombia has been characterized as a land of people who are always willing to offer a smile, to tell a story as if it were a stage play, to treat a stranger as a family, to support the Colombian soccer team anywhere and never stop before the adversities, we always find a way to go ahead and have "Berraquera".

To the above we can add the great characteristics that our country has, for example, Colombia owns 20% of plant species on the planet, despite the existence of countries with greater territory, Colombia occupies the second place in global biodiversity

(Bologna, 2016). The 20% of the birds of the planet nest in our territory, among them the Condor, our national bird, symbolized in the shield of the country. We also occupy the 2nd place as the country with the highest number of butterflies and the first with the highest biodiversity of amphibians, among other well-deserved titles thanks to the richness in Colombian fauna and flora.

Now, as if that weren’t enough, there are benefits for being Colombian! Some of them are:

  • Entering more than 130 countries without a visa.

  • Have access to one of the safest passports worldwide, thanks to its biometric system.

Finally, we could continue to mention thousands and thousands of qualities of Colombia and the pride we feel being part of this great country, however, it is your decision to make, remember that if you meet the requirements to apply for Colombian nationality by adoption LARM is the perfect ally for you to start your application!

If you have concerns or need advice you can contact us through all our channels such as social media, website o here. Also you can send us an email to:

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