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The kite festival in Villa de Leyva..

In August each year, since 1975, the main square of Villa de Leyva is filled with kites of different colors and styles to enjoy the winds that characterize the climate of this region.

Due to the hobby of adults and children for kites, each year a contest is held in different categories where competitors have the opportunity to show their ingenuity, creativity and dexterity with kites, participate handmade kites, Giant kites, etc. Synchronized flying shows of kites, night lights, etc. This festival has become one of the most representative of Villa de Leyva at national and international level.

This year the 45th version of the National Festival of Wind and kites was held on Saturday 13, Sunday 14 and Monday 15 August, in Villa de Leyva (Boyacá), this festival has several activities for all ages.

Remember that you can still enjoy the weather of the season and visit Villa de Leyva as a family, create your own kite and live unforgettable moments during your stay in our country.

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