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The latest on COVID-19 In Colombia: The beginning of a new phase of selective isolation

After declaring the State of Emergency on the 18th of March 2020, with a package of economic and social measures to face the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Colombia, such as: resources for health, protection of the most vulnerable, financial relief, social protection, among others; where Colombians had to stay home, closing social and economic structures to prevent the virus from enter our families; we are going to begin with the selective isolation phase in Colombia which is more flexible and the economy and social sectors will progressively open through a regime in which pilots were generated for activities in a joint effort with the mayors of the different cities.

Currently and after more than 173 days of the COVID-19 pandemic and 152 days of isolation, the national government issues the guidelines for the selective isolation of distancing and individual responsibility, the new phase in Colombia's strategy to face the virus, which means that the beginning of this new stage is the fact of having somehow reached a first plateau with a tendency to decrease in the first outbreak. This stage of selective isolation with an individual effort means that people will no longer be isolated due to their risk conditions but because they are suspects, contacts or with symptoms, this implies the implementation of the PRASS program, at this stage it is mostly reopened all social and economic activities, including gyms, cinemas or restaurants under the required conditions and protocols, the prohibition of public events that have crowds, concerts, discos, fairs and sporting events, as well as the consumption of liquor and, additionally, additional measures could be taken in highly affected municipalities.

Finally, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, announced the extension of the health emergency until November 30, while there is an emergency declaration given by the World Health Organization, Colombia must adopt specific measures to recognize the risk that the covid-19 implies.

Individual responsibility, self-care, discipline, strict compliance with collective protocols and norms should be our guidelines and principles that regulate our “new normal” to care for our families and loved ones and that this new stage of selective isolation and reactivation economic, be a success in lowering contagion rates.

Even when the reactivation of the economy has begun, we encourage you to keep looking after yourself and your beloved ones. Stay home as long as you can, and try to go out only for the necessary and always with the safety protection.

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