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The Role of the Counselors in the LARM Family

When we question ourselves what are the proper characteristics that a person must have to provide Relocation services for families that are transferred from one country to another, or even from one city to another, the first thing that comes to mind is: Empathetic people, with excellent communication and sensitive skills. But if we wanted to do the task of completing this list, we would run out of time. Well, these and many more characteristics represent the LARM Colombia team.

Our LARM family is made up of 35 people working in our main office in Bogotá, plus the support of around 20 counselors who are in charge of bringing the philosophy based on love and understanding of LARM to all corners of Colombia. Although each of the members of the LARM family plays a fundamental role in the provision of our services, the role played by our counselors is unmatched.

Our counselors have several figures in one. They represent that first warm hug that the families of our Transferred Professionals receive in their new city. They have the pleasure of offering that first smile and that first hug that with no need of words, says to our transferred professionals: "Welcome to Colombia, hand in hand with LARM your relocation process will be smooth".

Then, when starting the accompaniment, our counselors take on the role of friend. Because given their abilities, they are looking for a genuine and sincere approach through which they begin to strengthen ties. The space that our counselors shares with the family of the Transferred Professionals allows them to talk about expectations, anguishes, fears and emotions. And so, little by little they get to know each other and so, little by little, the counselor transforms that role of friend and guide, until it transcends to a role equivalent of a mother. Well, knowing the intimate details of the families, the main purpose of our counselors is to make them feel at home. This is why LARM is your home away from home.

We are faithful believers that there is no home without a figure of mother or father. And this is the figure and the final purpose of our counselors: That person who they can turn to, to talk about such important details as the place where to do the blower but also to talk about important issues such as: My son has not been able to adapt to his new school. She will always be willing to listen, accompany and offer solutions to facilitate adaptation and improve the quality of life in the new city.

The figure of the counselor is that of that first hug, that first friend and even that mother who listens, accompanies and supports transferred professionals who come to a new city.

If you want to know more about the unique role that our counselors play in the LARM Family, contact us here.

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