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The welfare of our family

For the LARM family, the well-being of the collaborators has always been a fundamental pillar within the development and internal relationship of the organization. The company is very clear that the environment in which the collaborators operate must be a space of respect, cordiality, empathy and camaraderie; where issues such as workplace harassment must be completely excluded from the daily life of our human talent.

Under the previous premise, the purpose of the CCL (Committee on Workplace Coexistence) is to help protect workers against psychosocial risks that may affect their health, such as occupational stress, to work hard to actively listen to all staff creating bridges of dialogue and timely communication against any inconvenience that may arise, trying to be an effective mediator between the parties involved, always ensuring the great commitment that it has created with collaborators and the organization. Additionally, the committee focuses on turning negative feelings into positive ones such as:

- Stress in personal challenges.

- Anger in understanding.

- The disagreement in communication.

- Security instability.

- Calm anxiety.

Finally, the committee also proposes spaces that integrate all the members of their family, in order to strengthen their sense of belonging with the company and the relationship between all the workers, since at LARM “We are a family of families” and in favor of To strengthen this feeling, we ensure that the work environment is an optimal space for the development of our collaborators and all the parties involved.

If you´d like to get more information about how our comitee works, you can contact us here.

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