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This is how we celebrate in LARM, as a family

At LARM we do not forget how important and significant it is to share with family such special dates as the birthday of our collaborators. And we do not want that causes such as isolation and the health emergency that we are experiencing prevent us from celebrating this activity as a family.

Celebrating the birthdays of our collaborators as a LARM family means expressing that we care about them, making them feel recognized and valued. Additionally, it is a space for building quality relationships characterized by trust and camaraderie, these are key to employee motivation and commitment

By recognizing our collaborators' birthdays, the company also benefits in that we will have more motivated collaborators directly impacting their levels of job satisfaction, as well as their commitment and productivity.

Celebrating birthdays at LARM provides a moment of disconnection and a break from the monotony of the workday. This opportunity helps employees recharge their energies so that they feel more focused and better prepared to tackle new projects and tasks when they return to work.

Therefore, we do not want to lose these spaces and we will continue generating them because we believe that celebrations are an important component for generating a sense of companionship and trust within LARM, by generating a sense of team and collaboration, which has a positive impact. in the compensation of employees towards LARM.

Remember, in LARM we are a family, and as a family, we are here to support you.

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