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Tips for a succesfull moving

We all know one of the most stressful things of relocation is the moving. Here we bring you basic recommendations to move your belongings in an effective way.

-Have an open and trustful communication with the Company which is helping you to move, they are experts and know how the process is. Never doubt to ask them anything no matter how small it seems for you.

-Have clear for which approximate dates you want your moving to depart from origin and arrive to destination. You need to inform this dates with enough anticipation, are basic to achieve a good process schedule from the beginning to the end.

-Understand the size of the container which will bring your possessions, if you have limited space you need to know, since according to it you will possibly need to leave some stuff that does not fit.

-Have ready your Passport, local identification documents from origin and destination, as well as the ones will prove the reason why you are moving your belongings (VISA, laboral letter, among others)

-In case of an international moving you have to register in your passport your entrance to destination country. The recommendation is not to use biometric register for the entrance to destination since for your moving legalization they will ask a prove of the entrance date to moving destination country.

Don not forget:

· You have to be on the country of move destination when it arrives since you need to sign and notarized documents.

· Remember you will have 120 days after your last entrance to Colombia to make your Moving importation process.

· If you make a Moving importation to Colombia on the last 5 years, you cannot make another.

-Inform about the move in final destination place with anticipation. If it is a co-ownership generally you have to ask for moving schedules and permissions to be able to enter your possessions. Also, some Condos ask for a damage deposit payment for the length of the moving process, this will be reimbursed as soon as all your households’ have been left properly and without generating any damage to the property.

Last but not least, the recommendation is to be patient and let experts to guide you. A moving process is complex and can generate a lot of fatigue, LARM can help you to be less involved, very informed and calm since your moving process will be in the best hands.

LARM your home away from home!

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