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Tips to Renew your leasing Contract Successfully.

It is so nice when we are very happy living on a rented property and we can have the opportunity to continue occupying it for many years. By Lease contract renewal process you will be able to stay on that loved property the time that you want if you follow this recommendations:

1. Have available the lease contract document by which you rented the property.

2. Once you start living at the property check on the lease how long before the contract ends, you need to inform landlord about your intention to renew it.

3. Inform landlord on a written way and at the time the lease asks about your intention to renew the lease contract.

4. Keep in mind that usually when the lease is renewed, the yearly rent value will increase.

5. Leave a written document where all the agreements done for the new rent period are noted, it must be sign by landlord and tenant. Don´t forget to keep a copy for your files!

In LARM we are experts on lease renewal processes, so don´t hesitate to contact us for help.

LARM, your home away from home!

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