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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Cúcuta.

San José de Cúcuta is the capital city of the Norte de Santander department. It is located on the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, on the border with Venezuela and consists of 6 municipalities.

Its population is about 1 046,000 inhabitants and an area of 1,117 km2, being the 6° most populous municipality in the country. Faith the first city in Colombia to have a railroad.

It is 320mts above sea level and has an average climate of 32°C Cúcuta known for its military history. The Monument to the Battle of Cúcuta marks the point where it is believed that the military leader Simón Bolívar gathered his troops in 1813. Because of its beauty, it has received nicknames like the "Pearl of the North".

In addition, thanks to the large number of trees it exhibits, Cúcuta is also known as the "Green City".

  • People: Cucuteño -ña

  • The flower of the city is Ixora, to the Cují tree, Oití, the bird the toche.

Cúcuta has played a significant role during the Colombian immigration in Venezuela and has recently become one of the most important points of passage of the Venezuelan migration crisis.

Cúcuta is connected by Carretera with Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Valledupar, Cartagena de Indias and for its border with Venezuela.

It has an air terminal Camilo Daza International Airport and land terminal.

It has the presence of the Francisco de Paula Santander Public University and other renowned universities: Universidad de Pamplona, Universidad Libre, Universidad de Santander, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Universidad Santo Tomás, Universidad Minuto de Dios among others.

Where to walk in Cúcuta?

Ventura Plaza Malecón Shopping Center - Bars, Food and Afternoon Winds Museo Casa Natal del General Francisco de Paula Santander The Clock Tower - They advise to see it at night with lighting Circus Pub - Outdoor Recreation Areas for the whole family Plaza Parque Santander - In front of the Mayor’s Office and the Cathedral of San José Estadio General Santander Julio Pérez Ferrero Public Library - Free activities, cinema on Sundays Plaza Parque Colón - With monuments and statues with unparalleled landscape for photos Parque del Agua or San Rafael. The Water Park is located in the sector Pinar del Río, Iguana Park - Theme and amusement park Monument to the Battle of Cúcuta Historic Center of Villa del Rosario 7km from Cúcuta Guadua bridge.

Cost of living

Estimated monthly costs for a family of 4 people: COL$6,303,176 Estimated monthly costs for a single person: COL$2,301,294 Housing

The best areas to live

Near the Ventura Plaza Shopping Center, Historic Center, Near the Bus Terminal, Villa del Rosario Residential Complexes: Macadamia, Conjunto Residencial Bolívar, Conjunto Cerrado Pinares, Conjunto Cerrado San Isidro.

Recreation: Circus Pub., Estadio General Santander, Megaland Park


  • Andino Bilingüe school Gimnasio

  • Domingo Savio school

  • El Carmen Teresiano school

  • La Salle - Cúcuta school

  • Calasanz School

  • Nuevo Montessori School


  • First week of October, in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary

  • At Christmas it is customary to gather the family eat the Hayaca in the morning, at lunch you eat mute and at lunch turkey with wine and Christmas bread.

  • For being an area of high temperatures families prefer walks to the River, To the swimming pools and outdoor areas.

  • Fair CUMO - CÚCUTA MODA, is an event of a guild character that seeks to promote and project the regional textile company in order to strengthen its development as a major contributor to economic growth and employment generation.


  • Rice with chicken

  • Mute

  • Hayacas

  • chickpea

  • Cake Yuca

  • Cake Kid:

  • Turmada: Cut goat milk


  • Cúcuta Hotel

  • Faranda Bolívar Cúcuta Resort Hotel

  • Casablanca Cúcuta

  • Hampton By Hilton

  • Tonchalá Hotel

  • Ramada Cúcuta Hotel

  • Casino Internacional Hotel

  • Arizona Suites Cúcuta Hotel

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