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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Cali.

Cali is one of the cities in Colombia that has more international representation, because it is attributed the name of "Capital of salsa" where thousands of foreigners come to enjoy fairs and festivals focused on this musical rhythm.

Also, Cali has become a city of great interest to live indefinitely, so more families have decided to relocate in this beautiful city that has a lot to offer.

Cali is located in the department of Valle del Cauca, southwest of Bogotá. Its main tourist attractions are the suburb of Juanchito, where you find many salsa clubs, also in the oldest neighborhood of Cali, the neoclassical cathedral of San Pedro that houses paintings of the School of Quito and very close to it is the religious complex of San Francisco of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Finally, there is the statue of Christ the King 26 meters high, located on the Cerro los Cristales. The hill receives that name due to the large amount of quartz that could be collected in its surroundings.

Considering the above, if you are thinking of moving to Cali, you can not miss the following recommendations:

1. Transport:

Today the city has the following authorized means of transport:

• Integrated System of Mass Transport - MIO

• Public Transport Urban Collective

• Camperos

• Taxis

• Transport Applications

2. Food:

Cali and, in general, the Valle del Cauca, are identified by having a kitchen that fuses the Spanish gastronomic heritage, indigenous and African. It is recognized for its husky rice, vallunas empanadas, chicken sancocho, the aborrajado valluno, tamales and green banana toast with hogao.

3. Quality of life:

Cali is a city with habitants and open and cheerful environments, day and night life, rich in gastronomy and folklore, has restaurants, cafes, places with musical shows, bars and clubs so you can have a different plan every weekend with your family. The climate of the city varies between 23-29°C. 4.

4. Recommended neighborhoods:

Cali has mixtures of neighborhoods (Stratum 5-6 near strata 1-2) has good neighborhoods in south, west and north.

According to our experience the preference depends on the conformation of the Family and location of your company to determine the best place to live:

• In the South, may be Pance

• In the West Normandy

• And In the North area of Chipichape and Menga.

5. Schools:

The best schools depend on the expectations of each family (academic, artistic, religious, etc.); and on the budget of the Family. If it is for quality education, facilities, high social level and expensive, Bolivar, Colombo and Jefferson schools stand out.

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