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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Popayán.

Popayán, called "the white city" because of the color of its houses, is the capital of the department of Cauca, located in southwestern Colombia, 600 km from Bogotá. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1537. Its territorial extension is 512 km², its average altitude is 1,760 m above sea level and its average temperature is 14/19 °C. It is one of the cities that best preserves its historical and colonial architecture in the country and in the continent. It has about 236 colonial blocks in the historical sector, being one of the largest sectors of America.

"The white city" was recognized in 2005 as UNESCO City of Gastronomy, for its variety and meaning for the intangible heritage of Colombians, and in 2009, the Holy Week Processions, were also declared by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Activities to do:

Going to Popayán to visit or live, brings a great experience of life, since there you can enjoy permanently the typical dishes of the region, which are a combination of products of the indigenous people of the area and brought from Spain, standing out foods such as the flattened, the carantanta, the salpicón payanés, the raspao, the shampoo and the lodging. Likewise, you can participate in the religious celebrations of the Holy Week to which national and international pilgrimages arrive, as well as you can enjoy the Feast of Kings, formerly known as the Feast of Black and White, of the Festival of Religious Music, the National Gastronomic Congress and the Short Film Festival of Popayán.

Living Costs:

In terms of costs in Popayán, you can find 240 m2 houses and 4 rooms in closed units with 24/4 surveillance and amenities between $2,500,000 and 3 million pesos, including administration, or a 78 m2 apartment, 3 rooms in closed set, for $ 1.500.000 of pesos approximately. The utilities, water, energy, gas and internet, for a family of three people, socioeconomic stratum 6 are worth approximately $400 thousand pesos. The rate of a taxi is between $6 and 10 thousand pesos and, between the neighborhoods strato 5 and 6 are Los Cámbulos, Loma Linda, Prados del Norte, La Cabaña, Santa Clara, Nueva Granada, Machángara, La Playa, Puerta de Hierro, Catay, Antonio Nariño, Villa Paula, Campobello, El Recuerdo, La Villa, Blocks, Pubenza,Belalcázar and Los Laureles.


With regard to school life, there are about 105 schools in Popayán (according to ICFES Saber 11 statistics 2020), of which 53% are public and 47% private. About 75% are from calendar A and the rest from calendar B (although there are also about 8 schools that operate with another calendar). Among the educational institutions of this beautiful city are the schools Campestre Americano, Women’s Gym, Gymnasium del Norte, Gymnasium of the Andes, Calibío Gymnasium, CESCO Bilingüe, San José De Tarbes, Colombo Francés and the Melvin Jones Institute.

Quality of life:

Popayán has three large shopping centers: Campanario Shopping Center, Plaza Colonial Shopping Center and Terra Plaza Shopping Center. Its main newspapers are El nuevo Liberal, Extra and Diario del Cauca. In the city there are hospitals and clinics such as the University Hospital San José and the Susana López Hospital of Valencia that cover internal medicine, pediatrics, deliveries and surgeries, among other specializations.

And finally, in Popayán there are tourist sites that are worth knowing such as the Clock Tower and the Humilladero Bridge, from where you can appreciate one of the best views of the city. As well as, the Morro de Tulcán, a pre-Columbian and archaeological monument, the Puracé National Park, the Guillermo Valencia National Museum and the Rincón Payanés, a miniature replica of the city.

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