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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Tunja.

Tunja is the capital of the department of Boyacá, located on the eastern mountain range of the Andes 115 km northeast of Bogotá. It is the highest capital city in the country and many people consider it an excellent place to live.

For the above we tell you 5 recommendations if you are interested/ to move to Tunja:

Crossing the plateau and its beautiful landscape, along the road that will soon be double carriageway, in a journey of a little less than two hours. It is the highest capital of Colombia and therefore one of the coldest. Its height above sea level is 2,775 meters.

Living in Tunja is 30% cheaper than living in Bogota. The best area to stay in Tunja is the Historic Center. This area concentrates most of the colonial heritage of the city, as well as its shopping areas, restaurants and life.

Living in Tunja allows you to be away from the chaos and stress of a big city, the city offers a lot of tranquility, comfort and a deep contact with nature. It is important that people who want or need to live in Tunja know these details of the city:


In Tunja we find luxury homes in the northern sector of the city. Prices for rent range between 2 and 3 million pesos/month. They are houses of more than 300 m2 There are also housing possibilities in apartments that for rent can cost between 1 and 1.5 million pesos/month.


The typical dishes of the Boyacense cuisine are recognized throughout the country, within them stands out the cuchuco with representative backbone of Tunja, the mazamorra, the cooked boyacense, the mute, the picket, the sweaty goat, the Indian soup and can not miss the traditional drinks: guarapo and masato.


Considered the Best School of Tunja In a natural and rural environment, surrounded by beautiful gardens and meadows, which also has different academic, artistic and sports facilities. It is the best place for children and young people to develop outdoors and with the best energy. In addition, they have large green areas for the enjoyment and appreciation of nature at school. In the Country Bilingual School you can breathe nature, happiness and joy.


In Tunja is celebrated:

• Aguinaldo Boyacense: from 16 to 24 December each year.

• The celebration of Easter: is one of the most traditional in the country.

• Anniversary of the Spanish foundation of Tunja: August 6.

• Arts Festival (June).

• Carranguera Music Festival "La Cucharita de Oro"

• Children’s book festival.


The most important institution in Tunja is the Hospital San Rafael Public Hospital of high complexity that provides services of III and IV level in the department of Boyacá, reference center of all the municipalities of Boyacá, and some of Santander, Casanare and Cundinamarca. It has modern facilities, appropriate technology and highly qualified human resource committed to the patient and his family.

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