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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you’re moving to Ibagué.

Ibagué is a small city located in central Colombia. For a long time it has been known as "The musical capital of Colombia" for the quantity and quality of exponents of typical Colombian music that have left this city.

Despite being a small town, it has experienced significant development over the last 10 years. The city has received investment in road infrastructure and construction of apartment complexes, shopping centers, and today is positioning itself as the gastronomic hub of the center of the country thanks to its high offer of high-level restaurants.

If you’re considering moving, Ibagué is an excellent option. Neighborhoods such as the Vergel or Calambeo have a high offer of sets of houses and spacious apartments, with private surveillance and clubhouse with parks, sports courts and swimming pools. Regarding sports activities there are places like the Campestre de Ibagué Club, which you can sign up for through the copra of actions and in which you can access large green areas, tennis courts, football, basketball, swimming pools for training, riding lessons, golf course, among others.

Now, if it is gastronomy, you can find restaurants such as Maria and El Mar, Fauna, Cartel, Augurio, La Ricotta, Kyoto, or Paz. All of them offer variety of dishes from Chilean, Asian, and all other types you can imagine. Speaking of academic offer, Ibagué has one of the highest level schools in Colombia: The San Bonifacio de las Lanzas school, founded in 1985, bilingual, Catholic-oriented and of which its students have occupied significant positions on the scale of ICFES. There is also a varied academic offer such as Colegio Los Samanes, La Presentación and Champagnat. Universities include the University of Ibagué and the University of Tolima.

Finally, if you are considering moving to Ibagué it is important to know that the public transport system is not the most developed. Ibagué has a public bus system, but unfortunately its supply capacity does not cover the demand of the city. In the city it is still customary to take taxis on the street, although the recommendation is always to try to use technological applications such as Uber. Or, the best suggestion is to ride in a private car.

Dare to live or visit Ibagué! The warmth and kindness of the Ibaguereños will surprise you.

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