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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you’re moving to Manizales.

The city of Manizales, pillar of the Colombian coffee axis, over time has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreigners and also one of the favorite cities to live in Colombia.

This city is famous for its cultural events such as the renowned Manizales Fair, steep streets, the wonderful views obtained from the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, the imposing architecture of the central square of Bolivar that has a man-condor honoring revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar. Also, you cannot miss the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Governor’s Palace.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Manizales, you cannot miss the following recommendations:

1. Transportation:

Getting around the city of Manizales is very easy, you have options like:

  • Taxis.

  • Public transport offered by: Unitrans, Sideral, Gran Caldas, Socobuses, Autolegal, Metropolitana y Serviturismo.

  • Applications of mobility.

  • Air cable.

2. Food:

In Manizales you will find endless delicious dishes that will take you to live a whole new gastronomic experience. Some examples are:

  • Fritters: Flour dough in the form of small balls fried in abundant oil.

  • Tongue in sauce: Succulent beef tongue in coriander and thyme sauce.

  • Custard: prepared with milk, egg, cookies and sugar.

  • Mistela Sweet and refreshing: drink made with brandy.

3. Activities you can do:

Some of the places you can visit in Manizales are:

  • Visit the Fonda Paisa.

  • Know the monument to the colonizers.

  • Go to the Cathedral Basilica Our Lady of the Rosary.

  • now the cemetery San Esteban.

  • Enjoy the National Natural Park Los Nevados.

4. Recommended neighborhoods:

Some of the best areas to live in Manizales are:

  • Palermo: Located near Alta Suiza.

  • El Bosque: Zone of great development and valorization.

  • Cerro de Oro: Rural area from where you can appreciate a spectacular view of the city.

  • Tejares: It is also an exclusive country area with a wide range of residential complexes.

5. Schools:

  • Redemptorist Seminary College S. Clemente.

  • Sem. Minor College N S Del Rosario.

  • College SANTA INES.

  • College San Miguel - Hormiguita.

  • College San Gabriel.

  • College Ntra Sra. De Los Angeles.

  • College Mayor De Ntra Senora.

  • College Filipense Ntra Sra De Lourdes.

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