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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you’re moving to Pasto.

The people of Pasto are friendly people, and especially measured with the people outside, it is rich is all kinds of cuisine, from popular to exotic food, such as cuy, empanadas, the boiled ones that are hot drinks made from fruit juice and liqueur; the fried pasture pork accompanied by salted potatoes, peanut aji and cornstarch (popcorn), creole chicken sancocho, rainbow trout, by the proximity to the lagoon of the Cocha.

They are quite fervent people, practitioners of Catholic customs, although other cults are professed; it has many temples of republican and gothic style and there are sectors of housing with colonial style, especially located in the center of the city.

Its main festivity are the carnivals of blacks and whites that take place every year between January 2 and 6, it is a cultural expression of the region as an allusion to the time that the slaves came together to celebrate with the natives and mestizos. In addition to this cultural union of the carnival, it is allowed to express in an artistic way the talent of the artisans in the elaboration of the floats and comparsas, has been catalogued for many years as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The proximity to the Galeras Volcano, offers a special attraction to the area at tourist level, its climate is pleasant between 6° and 16° on a normal day. In its surroundings we find slightly warmer places like, Chachagui.

Cost of Living:

It favors a lot in prices, the proximity of the border with Ecuador for the commercialization of many food products, in addition to the great variety of these, the Nariñense region has thermal floors that allow various food crops, thus facilitating both the variety in foods and their affordable prices. Also, as it is a border, there is the benefit of the gasoline subsidy offered by the government of Colombia, thus allowing lower final costs.

Cost of housing:

It exists up to stratum 5 high, therefore rental prices are set by such strata, ranging from a maximum of $4,500,000 a house located in the Morasurco sector, and the Avenue of students sector, north of the city (stratum five high) closed set, of approximately 130 meters, to 180 mts, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, study, kitchen, laundry area, garden and two garages, and an apartment in the same area of three rooms of 120 meters, ranges from $2,000,000 to $2,500,000. There is more demand for real estate than supply.

Cost of Education:

The best schools are located in the center of the city, both calendar A and B, private, Calendar A: Champagne College, with intensive English, located in the center of the city, with costs ranging from $500,000 to $450,000 per month. Colegio Filipense, Colegio Betlemitas, Colegio Maridiaz, all these calendar A. With monthly costs of around $350,000 to $400,000. Calendar B: Colegio Javeriano, intensive English, located in the center of the city, with costs of $750,000 tuition and a pension of $720,000 per month, without transportation or food.

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Book: Artesanías colombianas.

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