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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you’re moving to Villavicencio.

The city of Villavicencio also known as "Villavo" has become not only one of the most requested tourist destinations of foreigners, but has also become one of the favorite cities to live indefinitely in Colombia.

Cradle of the Joropo and llanero folklore, Villavicencio is a magical place that offers great experiences in cultural, gastronomic, natural level. Places like the main square, Las Malocas park and Libertadores park, create a unique atmosphere to enjoy with your family.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Villavicencio, you cannot miss the following recommendations:

1. Transportation:

Getting around the city of Villavicencio is very easy, you have options like:

  • Taxis.

  • Public transport, soon called Strategic Public Transport System (SETP).

  • Mobility applications.

2. Food:

The llanera gastronomy consists of delicious dishes such as mamona, creole chicken, chicken sancocho, rice bread, tungos, beef or fish pisillo, cachama, mojarra, beech trees and tender corn cachapas.

3. Activities you can do:

Some of the places you can visit in Villavicencio are:

  • Primavera Urbana.

  • Bioparque Los Ocarros.

  • Parque las Malocas.

  • Parque Fundadores.

  • Vereda El Carmen.

  • Iglesia Divino Niño.

  • Catedral Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

  • Plaza los Libertadores.

4. Recommended neighborhoods:

The best area to live in Villavicencio is the area south of the center, this sector is exclusive compared to the central districts. It has the neighborhoods:

  • Brisas del Guatiquia.

  • Las Delicias.

  • Villa Julia.

  • San Isidro.

  • Santa Inés.

  • El Porvenir.

  • San Gregorio.

  • Gaitán.

  • Veinte de Julio.

  • Las Ferias.

  • Antonio Ricaute.

  • Industrial.

  • La Vainilla.

  • Santander.

  • La Lambada.

5. Schools:

  • Peniel DE Villavicencio School.

  • Nuevo Gimnasio School.

  • Ocobos School.

  • La Salle De Villavicencio School.

  • La Salle School.

  • Espíritu Santo School.

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