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Tourist destination: Amazonas

One of the first things we think about when we talk about Colombia is its biodiversity, we imagine a country with a great tropical jungle, knowing that it is one of the countries that has part of the great Amazon, so today we are going to know a little about it, which always causes us curiosity.

The first thing we should know about the Colombian Amazon is that to get to know it you must reach the capital of the department, Leticia, this city is mainly reached by plane, so it allows us to have a beautiful view before landing, in which we can see its vast jungle.

When we arrive it is shocking to see how there is more nature than city, it is a magical place, which allows us to disconnect from the noise and stress of big cities and allows us to get closer to the animals and the rich vegetation of the region. In addition, the Amazon gives us access to different indigenous peoples, who live in the middle of the jungle, who allow us to get to know it to be up close with its ethnic culture and let us see live what life is like outside the city and in the middle of the jungle, connects us with our ancestors.

On the other hand, nowhere else can we see so much diversity in fauna, flora and animals, there is so much to see that many times we will not know where to look, and not only that, in this region of the country, we can carry out many ecological activities, which contribute to the preservation of nature and the local economy.

Among the activities is bird watching, with more than 674 living species that can be observed in their natural habitat, as well as adventure activities, such as tree climbing, jungle walks, zip lining and navigating the Amazon River.

Additionally, we will be able to enjoy the typical dishes of the region, such as freshwater fish and attend its events, such as Leticia's Birthday and the Amazonian Confraternity Festival.

The Amazon provides us with natural, cultural and beauty wealth everywhere, visiting it should be one of the things to do when arriving in Colombia, since it will give us a new perspective on life.

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