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Tourist destination: Barranquilla

Of the beautiful places you should visit during your stay in Colombia, you cannot miss the wonderful city of Barranquilla, cradle of great characters of international renown such as Gabriel García Marquez and Shakira. It is worth noting that, it is the fourth city in the country in importance, and the first in the region, has become one of the main urban and economic centers of Colombia.

Barranquilla is the capital of the Atlantic department of Colombia and is a large marine port, bordered by the Magdalena River. One of its biggest tourist attractions is the famous Barranquilla Carnival, which gathers artists with extravagant costumes, themed cars and the streets turn into dance floors directed by Cumbia. Thousands of people, both national and foreign, gather to celebrate this traditional feast together.

On the other hand, in the elegant neighborhood El Prado, is located the Romantic Museum which exhibits artifacts from festivals and previous exhibitions of Colombian celebrities. This also becomes an excellent plan if you visit Barranquilla. Likewise, plans such as touring its streets with colonial treasures and taking the best pictures, visiting its “Ciénagas” and enjoying its exquisite cuisine, are must-see.

A curious fact about this magnificent city is that it is known by several names. It is known as the Golden Gate of Colombia, having been the country’s first river and maritime port since the mid-19th century but is also known as "Curramba La Bella", name that designates the festive atmosphere and the warm welcome of the barranquilleros. With this in mind the city also receives the name of "La Arenosa", name initially granted by its multiple spaces of clay sand.

Do not miss this great adventure, meet Barranquilla and create wonderful memories with the family.

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