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Tourist destination: Chicamocha Canyon.

Don’t you have a Plan for the next May 17th holiday?

We suggest an exotic and beautiful tourist destination: CHICAMOCHA CANYON.

The Chicamocha National Park is in the department of Santander, 340 km away from Bogotá and 57 km from Bucaramanga, is a landscape with a lush beauty, richness in flora and fauna, including endemic species (unique in the world), has the only cable car in the world that crosses a canyon of that magnitude, paragliding flights, viewpoint 360°, delicious cuisine, the national aquapark of Chicamocha, beautiful surroundings with municipalities such as SanGil, Barichara, Villanueva, among others.

From Bogotá you can arrive by air or land. If it is by air, you should bear in mind that the nearest airport is Palonegro, located in the city of Bucaramanga, from the airport you can take a taxi to the terminal and from there board the bus that takes you. Now if you decide to arrive by land, the journey takes approximately 6h 43 min, from Bogota leaving by the north highway, via Zipaquirá Ubaté. The road is quite safe and in good condition, even so considering the travel time, it is advisable to start the journey early in the morning, and thus avoid driving at night.

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