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Tourist destination: Guayaquil.

As we have mentioned, during your stay in Colombia you can also visit different countries in Latin America. One of them is Ecuador, a country full of magic where you can live great adventures and find wonderful links to meet as a family and create beautiful memories.

Today we will talk about Guayaquil or by its full name Santiago de Guayaquil. It is the largest and most populated city in Ecuador, and is the most significant commercial port in the country. Its economy since colonial times has been based on trade and navigation. Being one of the main ports of the country, its rapid growth has been imminent, thanks to the high number of visitors, its inhabitants live from tourism and the river economic market. (

In this wonderful city, you can witness the wonderful local gastronomy, artisan products and impressive architectural works. You can also have incomparable beach days in the company of the warmth of the residents.

Now, if you decide to visit Guayaquil you should know the Malecón 2000 one of the most significant places for tourists. A work of citizen regeneration, where you can observe the great monuments of the history of the city such as museums, gardens, shopping centers, restaurants and bars among others. On the Malecón there is also the semicircular monument of La Rotonda in honor of the historic meeting of Simón Bolívar and José de San Martín. (

Other places you can not miss during your stay are:

· Las peñas

· Malecón el Salado

· El parque histórico

· Isla Santay

· Islas Galápagos

Do not miss the opportunity to know a magnificent city that awaits you with open arms Come and know Guayaquil!

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