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Tourist destination: Tatacoa Desert.

As we have mentioned in other articles about tourist destinations in Colombia, our country has magical places that in contrast to the warmth of people make experiences stay engraved in our minds and hearts. A perfect example of the natural architecture of Colombia that you must visit if you come to our country is the Tatacoa desert.

According to Travelgrafí, the Tatacoa Desert is a silent tropical dry forest that lies in a heavily eroded area crossed by dry canyons, there you can appreciate how nature has made its own and has formed two zones of different colors in the same place. It is located in the department of Huila, very close to the municipality of Villavieja and 2 hours from the city of Neiva.

To get to the desert you can do it from the city of Neiva, get a bus or a van that goes to the municipality of Villavieja and in Villavieja you can buy a tourist package that takes you through the desert and not miss any details in the company of experts from the area.

In this place you can take wonderful pictures and walk on incomparable trails but we recommend you to do it in the company of a guide as you can get lost in the vastness of the desert. You can also visit the area of Cuzco and Los Hoyos where the contrast of colors is art in the full sense of the word.

Finally, one of the best plans to make in the Tatacoa desert is to observe the stars, being away from light and hearing pollution you can appreciate the stars as you have never done before and even better than in planetariums.

Don’t miss this great adventure!

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