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Virtual Tours

Undoubtedly, the current situation has led us to immerse ourselves more and more into technology in order to be at the vanguard, so this time has allowed us to review our interior to offer the best of us, aiming to transform our services, especially in the moment in which our customers want to know our country.

As a result, we set ourselves the task of reviewing, test and training ourselves with diverse tools that the technology market currently offers us, thus allowing the continuity of our services.

Indeed thinking about the well-being and interest of our customers and our team, we decided to create virtual tours that previously were done face to face, now we are doing them through the Google Earth tool, which allows us to navigate thru a specific city and it’s streets, giving us a feeling of being onsite, as well as knowing the location of certain places and properties of interest, this with the support of an experience team that guides the tour indicating the distance from one place to another, informing the pros and cons of each area, the traffic behavior and alternate routes to get from your place of residence to the office.

Likewise, we have worked with owners and real estate agents so that these virtual tours have a more complete experience for our customers, who have made available other technological tools such as the 360 Matterport scan, video tours or providing professional photos, offering new alternatives not only to improve our clients’ experiences, but also to work along with the owners who are willing to implement these technological resources and be part of the change.

Nevertheless, we continue to work as a team to listen to our customers as well as the owners to keep improving and making these virtual tours the best experience in the midst of this unexpected situation.

Remember that we are family of families! Do not hesitate to contact us through our communication channels here for more information.

¡We are here to support you!

LARM, your home everywhere.

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