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Visa application in Colombia and Colombian consulates.

Colombia is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners, for tourism, for business, work and even to settle indefinitely, to make this process a little easier, we have two ways in order to apply for a colombian visa regardless of the category that is required.

If the foreigner is in Colombia, he or she must apply at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá, the entire process is done online unless the person applying is requested for an interview. First you must have all the documentation required for the type of visa to which you are going to apply, then you must enter the website and fill out the form, at the end of the form there is a space to attach the photo and the requirements in Pdf format. Payment can be made by PSE or at the bank, once the visa study payment is done, you must wait between 5 and 7 business days for a response to the registered email.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can give one of the following 4 concepts or answers:

  • Approved means that the visa is accepted, in the same mail the foreigner will receive a link to continue with the payment, once the payment is done, the electronic visa will arrive to the email registered.

  • Required occurs when the Ministry considers that they need additional information or documents to give a final answer, which must be attached to the application in the time that the Ministry gives in the requirement.

  • Inadmissible if the Ministry considers that there is an error in the basic information of the person applying or if the person applied to the wrong category of visa, the foreigner has the possibility to start the process again by making a new visa study payment.

  • Denied when the Ministry takes the discretionary decision of not approving the visa and the foreigner cannot apply again, he must wait 6 months to try again.

If the foreigner is outside the country or if his nationality is restricted and he is going to make the process for the first time, he must apply for the visa at the Colombian Consulate located in his city of residence, when there is no Consulate in the city where he lives, the person must verify which one has a constituency with that place and make the application there. We can find the list of all the consulates of Colombia around the world on the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then he will be able to verify in which Consulate he must apply.

Although the basic requirements are always the same and the process begins with the online form, each consulate has the power to require additional documents or information if they think its necessary for the process and the responses may vary from one to another. Some consulates require that the payment has to be in person, that the foreigner must go for an interview or that the visa can only be stamped there.

Finally, it must be taken into account that, if the visa is approved with a validity of more than 90 calendar days, regardless of the place where it is requested, it must be registered at an Immigration office and the colombian ID card must be requested, this procedure only can be done at an Immigration office located in any of the cities of Colombia.

At LARM Colombia we have an expert team on migration issues ready to guide and advise you. Contact us here to receive more information about Colombian visas applications.

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