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Visitor Visa (V) temporary services provider.

If you or your company must carry out a short-term activity in Colombia such as installation, repair and / or maintenance of equipment, machinery or technology, the Visitor Visa (V) - temporary services provider is for you!

Foreign workers with short-term contracts can apply to this visa to work with natural or legal persons (companies) or for workers who do not have an contractual relationship with Colombia and due to their expertise they are necessary to carry out specialized technical assistance in the country; for example when a foreign company has sold its machinery in Colombia brings its specialized personnel to the country to carry out the installation, maintenance or repair of its machinery and these personnel have no labor relationship with Colombia, they only have a relationship with the company that brings them from their country to develop their activities in our territory.

We recommend applying for this visa when the activities will last less than 6 months or that in any case the activity lasts less than one year in Colombia, in case the activity requires more time within the country, we suggest checking with the team of LARM Colombia other types of visa that can accommodate the needs of the worker or the company.

Keep in Mind!

This visa allows the temporary activities related in the application form, therefore the visa will have the name of the person or company that is responsible for the stay and departure from abroad, also the visa label will indicate the activity to be carried out; for example specialized technical assistance or machinery maintenance. For this reason, it is important to be clear about the work schedule and stick to it, in case of requiring more time , it must be justified why it is necessary to spend more time in Colombia detailing the reasons for a new visa.

If the visa is valid for less than 3 months, it does not require a foreigner ID. For a visa valid for 3 months or more, it must be requested in addition to the visa at the Migración Colombia offices, keep in mind that in Colombia for now it is not mandatory to stamp the visas in the passport , due to the health emergency, so for now this procedure is not necessary.

How to apply for a visa?

All visa applications are online. This is Visa type V or Visitor and the category to select is Temporary Services Provider. The application can be made in Colombia if your nationality allows you to arrive the country without a visa, in this link you can validate whether or not you require a visa to arrive Colombia: ( we also recommend to validate with the LARM Colombia team if there are changes to arrive the country in the immigration regulations.

The request can also be made outside the territory at the Consulate of Colombia closest to your location or the location of your staff, the online process is the same, however, additional information or interviews that the Colombian consulate may require must be validated before apply, you can validate with our LARM Colombia team about the closest consulate and additional requirements to the current location of the applicant. Keep in mind that in the Consulate where you apply for the visa you must finish the process (you cannot change your office or Consulate during the visa study), and the response time will be both in Colombia and in its consular offices from 5 business days until 30 calendar days counting from the day that the payment for the visa study was made.

At the end of the process if the visa is approved, a document will be sent in a PDF format, this will be enough to present when the holder arrive Colombia, you can print the document or simply save it on your Smartphone. Then, keeping in mind the validity of the visa, you should check whether or not you should process an immigration card.

In this way, you or your employees may be in Colombia to carry out their work activities with the corresponding permits without having additional charges for the company or the applicant.

LARM your home away from home!

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