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When it comes to service level, LARM team is first

When we talk about service level, the concept of Customer immediately comes to mind. That is why the LARM Family team of collaborators is the backbone on which customer service is sustained and for this reason all their efforts are valued and recognized, because we are convinced that, if our collaborators know that We appreciate them, they will convey those same positive feelings to our customers.

Good customer service must have a good attitude, willingness and commitment from each of the LARM collaborators, it is not only the responsibility of the customer service area but it is the responsibility of each of the collaborators who make up the Family. LARM, in such a way that only with the satisfaction of the internal client we can achieve total satisfaction of our clients.

We must have the ability to demonstrate every day, through our actions, our words and our conduct, that we consider service important, providing an ideal service, satisfying the needs of our clients daily with the conviction that it is important to offer a good service

Additionally, fostering an environment that focuses on offering customer service, keeping in mind that every interaction we have with our customers, we think about providing genuine value and personalized attention to each customer every day, are key aspects of our vision of service. It is important for all LARM collaborators to be clear about who our clients are and what they want, what their preferences are as well as paying attention to the impression we make on our clients, showing a true disposition to serve others while their individual needs are met, ask them questions to show that we are listening to them, that shows the responsiveness we have to their needs and preferences, we must identify what they transmit to us with both their verbal and non-verbal communication, using paraphrasing is also a vital aspect since it reflects that we are actively listening to them and this helps us to the most appropriate way to respond and find a solution as quickly as possible.

Finally, it is important that LARM employees are empowered, because the more empowered the people who work at LARM are, the happier external clients will feel, because they will see that their needs are met.

If you would like to get more info about our service levels, you can contact us here

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